Youth Vision Quest – August 10 to 18, 2013

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a meaningful and challenging rite of passage, taking place over 9 days, including 3 full days of solo time in nature. This is an opportunity to look back at childhood and adolescence and to step into adulthood with intention and purpose . The Vision Quest evokes core questions for young people:

• Who am I?
• How do I feel toward loved ones and family?
• What gifts do I possess?
• Who are my people?
• Where am I going?

We’ll present tools and information to help guide you on the journey, including orientation to the high desert environment. Using the Council process and eco-spiritual tools drawn from pan-cultural traditions, we’ll help you to clarify your purpose and focus your intent. This program opens the door to self-knowledge and self-acceptance. As one young woman wrote, “I have returned home with confidence, respect and compassion.”

To register, please visit Rites of Passage, Inc.


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