Wilderness Quest for Adults – September 12 to 20, 2015

image_miniAn intensive nine-day retreat that is modeled after the ancient and cross-cultural rite of passage of entering into the wilderness to enter into one’s self.

People choose to participate for many reasons. Often they are in a transition time of life, at a fork in the road that requires a life-changing decision. At times like these, a wilderness quest can be a powerful way to clarify and catalyze the actions you are about to take.

This program is offered through Rite of Passage Journeys.

You might be wrestling with an issue about your profession or family life. Perhaps you are trying to leave something or someone and move another direction. Maybe you are embarking on a new challenge. Perhaps you feel a general foggy frustration and know that a dramatic change of scenery and emotional space will clear the haze so you can see more clearly.

Each adult seeks retreat for deeply personal reasons. Yet, there is this common thread: People come to a Journeys quest because they know that to hear the quiet voice of their own hearts, and to receive insight and make decisions, they must retreat from the patterns of daily work and family, slow down, and ask for clarity.

Soul work can be hard, as is its nature. A vision quest isn’t a vacation. You’ll experience discomfort and frustration, and you’ll get to experience the edges of your personal discipline. However, your reward will match your commitment. You’ll find yourself surprised, enlightened, humored and motivated.

The wilderness quest mentors at Journeys have decades of experience leading such retreats. They bring exceptional skills and wisdom, and support you with a balance of head and heart. They keep you emotionally and physically safe while you’re out in the wilderness, and provide the tools you need to do your work and follow your

Journeys offers this advantage, too: you will have access to a community of seekers who engage in life with sincerity and vigor. You will enjoy support for your individual calling within the security and celebration of shared experience.

To register, please visit: http://riteofpassagejourneys.org/wilderness-programs/ages-18/adult-wilderness-quest

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