Tending the Wild Soul – July 3 to 7, 2013

Listen. Receive. Connect. Discover. Nourish.

There is a part of you, your Wild Soul, that knows you are a healthy, whole and integral part of this world. It is calling you home. Join us as we listen to the stirrings of the soul, the joy and longing we all feel in relation to our deepest selves and the natural world.

When we open to our Wild Souls the Earth supports us. Our experience — our beauty, our struggle, our love, our inherent divinity — is reflected back to us by the creatures and features of the natural world. Nature is a mirror that shines a light on our own inner nature.

This is an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and your essential nature. It is a chance to check-in and to lean in to that which is most vital in you, that which is in deep relationship with the Earth. To open yourself to your Wild Soul is to receive nourishment and guidance, and to know your authentic presence is a blessing to yourself, your family, your community and the planet!

This 5-day program includes a 24-hour period spent alone on the land fasting from food. With the support of dedicated and experienced guides, you work in the Way of Council to explore the Medicine Wheel as a framework for your individual journey.  This program is highly experiential; you will have ample time for insight and inquiry, both alone on the land and in a group setting.  You will clarify your sacred intention and be physically prepared for the fast.  Upon return, after a celebratory feast, time will be spent reflecting on your experience as the teachings begin to unfold and the process of integration begins.

To register, please visit http://riteofpassagejourneys.org/wilderness-programs/ages-18/tending-the-wild-soul/tending-the-wild-soul

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