Soul Questfishbowl

It is amazing how much growth and self-awareness comes through in this 3-day rite of passage program.  Click here to learn more.  August 5th to 7th on pristine, private land in the Cedar River Watershed, less than an hour from Seattle.

“This experience had a large impact on me because I learned how to deal with many of the problems I have been struggling with in my life.  it gave me time to reflect on the power of my heart and soul and come to grips with myself as a whole person regardless of imperfections.  It was amazing how empowered I felt and would recommend it to anyone who feels they want a deeper understanding of their soul.”   -Rose, age 17

“You were really supportive.  I always felt like I was being listened to, and I loved the advice you gave me!  Thanks so much for such an awesome experience!”

Youth Vision Quest

A deeply powerful and revelatory 9-day rite of passage to step into adulthood with authenticity and vision!  Click here to learn more.  August 10th to 18th, 2013, near Mono Lake, California

“Through this experience, I have found more inside of myself than I ever thought could possibly exist – so much appreciation, so much beauty, so much truth, so much love.”  -Clio, age 17

“This experience has allowed me to see myself with new eyes.  I found what I was searching for, because it was there all along.”  -Charlotte, 17

“This program changed my life.  I love the comfort and growth it has brought me, and showed inside me.  It illuminated a large part of the inside of me that I know will serve me forever.”  -Chase, 17

Tending the Wild Soul

A 5-day exploration of that which is uniquely you.  For ages 18 to 81.

Listen to Paul talk about Rites of Passage on the Psychology in Seattle Podcast.

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