Life Coaching

I have been providing coaching services to youth and adults for 10 years with organizations such as Keys To Success, the Hallowell Todaro Center, and the Center for Human Services, as well as privately.  It is an honor to support clients in their profound growth.  I am consistently reminded that coaching is in essence a recognition of the fundamental capacities of each client.  Coaching typically involves eliciting, clarifying, and prioritizing goals. Clients and I work collaboratively to identify their strengths and leverage them in working towards goals.  The coaching process often involves providing tools, resources, and strategies in support of client development.  As a coach, I empower, motivate, and celebrate clients with my authentic presence and guidance.listening

I have experience coaching individuals and families with challenges and gifts related to ADD/ADHD, autism, executive function, social and emotional dysregulation, career development, and learning disorders.  Coaching sessions may be conducted in person, on the phone, or via Skype.

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