K2S Programs

The popular Get A Job! Job Readiness Workshop covers Job Search, Resume Introduction, and Interview Preparation (see the detailed agendas below.)  This program’s strength is that it covers a lot of information, which students bring home with them in a thorough packet.  The Resume Writing workshop includes individual coaching and feedback for each student, providing there are enough computers.  Similarly, classes focusing on the Intelligent Job Search, the 30-Second Commercial, and Interview Preparation allow for personalized attention for each student.  The Intelligent Job Search program covers traditional job search techniques then explores the “Hidden Job Market” (where 85% of jobs come from.)  Students uncover their skills and abilities, then match them with the needs of employers.  It includes role playing and experiential activities which give students concrete tools and approaches to securing employment.  The Interview Prep class provides interview guidance, mock interviews, and individual feedback.  The 30-Second Commercial workshop walks students through the process of uncovering their strengths and creating a personalized, polished “elevator pitch.”

Keys To Success has also seen the impact of on-going teen employment series.  The Job Connection is a 3- to 5-part series, usually on a weekly basis.  We often begin with Get A Job, then include 3 or 4 other workshops on a regular basis, ending with an open session.  The efficacy of this approach is clear: student employability is built from a solid foundation and the continuing classes allow instructors to tailor each student’s job plan to their specific strengths. 







Get A Job!  Job Readiness Workshop

  • Ice breaker / warm-up activity
  • Job Search
    • Internet Job Search
    • Applying online
    • Accessing the “hidden job market” where 80% to 90% of jobs are secured
  • Resume
    • Resume Tip Sheet
    • Action Verbs
    • Present examples of different types of resumes and discuss their benefits
      • templates
      • formats appropriate for students with limited work experience
    • Cover Letter Tip Sheet
      • examples, including email cover letters
    • Online Resources for resume and cover letter guidance
  • Stand-up activity / break
  • Interview Tips and Techniques
    • Interview Tips: Before, At, and After the Interview
    • Commonly asked questions
    • “Tell me about yourself”
    • Questions to Ask the Interviewer
  • Closing

30-Second Commercial

  • Intro Ice Breaker
  • Skills and Abilities
    • Skills and Abilities List
    • Uncover Your Skills and Abilities
    • Action Verbs
  • Job Objective
    • How vs. What
    • Short and Long Term
  • Situation Snapshot
  • Recent Accomplishments
  • Sample Commercials
  • Your 30-Second Commercial

Intelligent Job Search

  • Applying Online
  • Online Job Resources
  • Exploring the Hidden Job Market
    • Identifying
    • Understanding the Hiring Process
    • Develop Your Network
  • Uncover Your Skills
  • Job Application Tips
  • Job Plan
  • Goal Sheet
  • Matching Employers’ Needs and Students’ Skills Activity

Resume Writing

  • Resume Tips
  • Action Verbs
  • Types of Resumes
  • Sample Resumes
  • Reference Tips
  • Cover Letters
    • Electronic and Print
  • Individual Instruction and Feedback
  • Job Plan

Interview Preparation

  • Interview Tips: Before, At, and After
  • Interview Practice Questions
  • Tell Me About Yourself: The Most Dangerous Interview Question
    • Do’s and Dont’s
    • Preparing your Answer
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview Feedback
  • Prizes!

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