Keys To Success

As a committed Career Counselor and social service provider I have over 15 years experience providing guidance to young people facing transitions in employment, education, and their personal lives.  The ability to engage and authentically identify with youth has built my capacity to truly empower them as they face the challenges of becoming healthy and successful adults in these times.

In many different positions, I have provided perspective, mentoring, and practical guidance to young adults in transition to independent living.

Through Keys To Success, I offer group workshops, classes, and individual counseling.  Employment readiness classes have covered topics such as: online job searching, exploring the Hidden Job Market, marketing one’s strengths to potential employers, resume and cover letter creation, interview skills, and the “30-second commercial.”  All K2S services include a binder of resources for each student, as well as for the host organization.  To read more about the specific workshops, please see Programs.

I have facilitated workshops through the King County Library System, the Lake Washington School District, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, and at events such as the 2010 Independent Living Conference and the Life After High School series.  I am very comfortable creating curriculum for specific needs, so please contact me with any questions.

What professionals are saying about Keys To Success:

“I am especially impressed by your ability to adapt the presentation but also by your success in keeping your audience’s attention and relaxed presentation style. Illustrating the tips with stories was very effective and made said tips more memorable. I’m sure I picked up a few tips along with the teens!”       -Jessica Gomes, Teen Services Lead Librarian

“Thanks, Paul, for a wonderful presentation!  You have a knack for providing an overview of the material at a good pace, incorporating different activities to break it up, and getting the teens engaged.  I especially like how you encourage them to think about their top three skills, and how those can match what employers are looking for (even when a teen hasn’t had a paying job before.)  I look forward to working with you again!”       -Michele McLaughlin, Teen Services Librarian

What students are saying about Keys To Success:

“The ‘Get A Job’ experience overall was amazing.  You had everything in there!  That was great.  I think every single topic and activity was worth listening to.   It has definitely helped me a lot for any future job!  :)”

“This was great!  I learned a lot about looking for a job and how to increase my chances of getting a job.  There’s no doubt I would use these skills.  I will definitely tell my friends about this.  Thank you for the opportunity!”

“I really liked the interactive activities and the packet of info was very helpful.  I thought it was great!  Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed your class!  You made it fun and relaxing while we were learning about how to find jobs.”

“One thing I like about this class was that you answered questions I had before I even asked them!”

To read more about student and staff response to Keys To Success programs, please see the Testimonials page.

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